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Code 480

Life is good for small town cop, Xander James. His life is ideal until the radio squelch wakes him up to the real world. There’s a hit-and-run in front of his own home. A boy has life-threatening injuries, another goes missing all in broad daylight. The clock is ticking and Xander can’t seem to get anyone to move forward to help. Time is critical to find the missing boy… before it’s too late. The fourth installment of the Xander James Mystery Series has more twists and turns than the canyon roads he drives to find the truth

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Code 187

Code 187 

A call comes over the line about a robbery at the only convenience store in Peach Valley, Colorado. Officer Xander James scrambles to get to the store only to find a dead body and more surprises than just a little cash missing.
One store clerk is dead, the other is missing. This sends Officer James, the FBI, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on a whirlwind investigation.
Will they figure where the other clerk is and who did this before its too late? Is the truth hidden right in plain sight?
The third installment of the Xander James Mystery series is another page-turner you won’t be able to put down till the last word.

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A Constant Buzzing In My Ear

Logan Cross is no hero. In fact, he’s your typical 12 year old kid, with some pretty big problems. When he runs away from his family’s cabin into the Colorado wilderness, he runs straight into more trouble. He finds some extremely crazy things waiting for him. Including some weird new friends who help him figure out what’s most important in life. Follow Logan on this fantastic adventure in A Constant Buzzing In My Ear, an amazing middle grade fantasy.


Cold Gray Dawn

Leah Page knows her ex-husband and his new girlfriend can be devious, but nothing can prepare her for the twisted way they try to get back at her and her new boyfriend in order to get back what they think belongs to them. They will stop at nothing to get their revenge…Even murder…..
Cold Gray Dawn is a non-stop thrill ride about one woman’s quest to make sure she lives long enough to get home and protect her family from someone whom she once called her own.


Dawn of My Breaking Heart

Will Larsen is a driven man. He’s always on the lookout for the next big story. Stuck in his small hometown, he longs for adventure, even seeks out danger. When the danger becomes real, and his family is threatened, Will is torn. Does he seek justice for his brother? Or stay and protect those left behind?
Tess Lange has demons of her own. Her inner talk and self-image are a constant negative influence. She longs for a family to love her and accept her, yet doesn’t quite feel worthy enough to even dream of it. Tess will have to face herself and her baggage in order to find love and trust.
Both will face danger, heartache and have some truth revealed in order to move their hearts and lives forward. Confronting their past to be able to have a future.
Dawn of my Breaking Heart is a suspense filled story about how family and love conquer all.
Dawn of My Breaking Heart is a parallel novel to Cold Gray Dawn. It’s the second in the Dawn Thriller Novels and is a stand alone story on its own.


Waiting For Dawn

Aimee Gates has the ideal life. Or at least she’s trying to make it look picture-perfect. Wonderful children, a husband who makes a lot of money, a big house. All the trappings of a family struggling to show the outside world they have it all. But they have a secret. In fact Aimee’s husband Charles has many secrets. Aimee’s biggest fault is she fell in love with the wrong man, a dangerous man, and she may end up paying for it with her life.
Waiting for Dawn is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering if Aimee will figure out what’s most important in life before it’s too late.


Code 211

Murder, crime, cover-up, corrupt politicians, even in small town America.
Rookie cop, Xander James finds himself thrown head first in the middle of multiple crime scenes. Doing his best to figure out who he can trust, and who the criminals are, he finds help in some unlikely places.
Bailey Evans is a small town girl, not looking for anything. Except maybe how to survive till her next meager paycheck comes from her teller job at the local bank. She’s broke, disillusioned, and brokenhearted after her ex left her with all the bills and took off with a younger woman.
Code 211 is the first in a series where a young rookie cop finds it’s not the size of the town, but the depth of its secrets and lies that makes a criminal element strong.

Code 207: Kidnapping in a small town (Xander James Mysteries) by [Knob, Vickie]

Code 207

Young, small-town cop Xander James finds himself in dangerous situations. The life of a peace officer feels like you’re in a war zone some days, that’s just the job.
When the lives of those he cares about are on the line, it’s a whole different story. He needs to keep his wits about him. Fighting off the urge to panic long enough to help those he loves. Thought, reasoning, and gut instinct are about all he has to operate on. He would gladly trade his life for theirs, but will he have that option?

Darkest Befor Dawn

Darkest Before Dawn

Every woman deserves her fairy tale. Leah Schmidt’s is turning into a horror movie. Fighting to defend her sanity is only one of the many terrors her husband is inflicting on her. It may come down to a war for her life. The one thing that keeps her going is her unbreakable love for her three children. In this prequel novella to Cold Gray Dawn, Leah fights for her sanity and her life….