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I’m a humble writer pecking out stories one word at a time, reaching deep down to show love, one person at a time. I’m from a little town in Western Colorado writing thrillers. I have Indie published five books including a middle grade fantasy. My latest book is based on my experiences with a bank robber in my own town.

My husband and I are in the process of going off grid and have plans to build an earthship. Follow my blog for updates on how that is going. Our motto is: Live your dream, don’t just dream to live.

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  1. Judy Buch says:

    Hey Vicki,
    Notice that you have given book reviews on Amazon, and wondered if you would consider reading a download of my book, The Killer Show? It’s the 1st book in the Simone Biaz Series and was published on Amazon as an ebook 2017.
    Genres and sub:
    Women Sleuths
    Cozy Suspense
    Women’s Fiction

    The audience hears a deadly scream and assumes it’s the on-stage ventriloquist, Simone Biaz throwing her voice. Until a body is found back stage. Earlier, Simone is startled when a street teen, Pepper says she has found a new-born in a dumpster. The two of them rescue the infant. Pepper is a significant second story line in this book. The troubled teen, though a challenge, keeps showing up in Simone’s life and then disappearing, as Simone follows clues to the killer. Much of the setting takes place in a creepy old theater with a hidden room. Simone throws her voice to ward off assault, and to solve the mystery. Complications include Simone’s claustrophobia, a father who tries to keep her under his thumb, a wacky romance, as well as her heart going out to the homeless teen. But the ending will surprise you.
    As you can see, I haven’t pushed for reviews.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    • vickieknob says:

      I do enjoy reviewing other’s books. I will be honest, if I can’t give it a 3 star or better, I won’t leave a review. I will give you pointers if needed, but I feel like we need to help each other out as much as possible. Let me know how to reach you. Thanks Vickie Knob

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