Beginning the Process-getting off the Grid

Earthship post #2

One week in. This has been a very trying week. It’s been hot. Triple digits every day. At times unbearable. With the wind, it sometimes feels like stepping into a blast furnace. I prayed for a break in the heat, but so far all we’ve gotten is some powerful wind and thunder and lightning storms. I sat up all night the other night counting down between lightning and thunder. It got as close as three miles away at one point. I wouldn’t be so worried, but with the wind and us sitting in the middle of a dry grass field, not much would be there to stop the fire storm from not only burning us down, but possibly trapping us here with only a narrow trail to get out on.

When we arrived on our land one week ago, we had no water, no electricity, no place to keep food cold. We were in a borrowed camper and we were grateful to have that.

Since then we purchased a large gas powered generator. It charges the battery and runs the air .conditioner, and lights.  We finalized the purchase of the land from my parents. The same day we did that, we found an affordable R.V. Now all we have to do is find another R.V. for our kids

We finished moving everything out of the borrowed camper. As we started to move it back to our friend’s house with plans to dump the black water and clean the inside, we ran into some trouble. This land is covered in dry grasses, sage brush and hidden beneath those things are rocks. Tons and tons of rocks. Needless to say as we were moving the camper out, we hit a hidden rock and it tore up the bottom of the borrowed camper, tearing up the holding tank for the black water. My son and I looked it over and deemed it unusable. Now we’ll have to get that fixed.

On the same day we recorded the deed to our new property, Dave was over at the credit union getting the final go-ahead to buy our new camper. The next day he bought us a water tank to haul water to our campers and or our new house .

The most exciting part was that he went to the county planning department to apply for our new address. Nothing will happen until we get an address. Now we wait….something that neither Dave nor myself are very good at.

This is going to be a lesson in patience and persistence. It’s been two years since the seeds were planted for  this dream, I’m sure two more years won’t kills us. (It’ll just feel like it.)New camper

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  1. Dwayne Reeder says:

    If you find patience, please share. ☺️

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