Waiting on the World to Change-Waiting to launch the Earthship

Earthship blog post #6

September 6, 2016




Almost two months since we arrived here. We don’t have much to show as far as progress towards our build. We’ve gotten caught up in the red tape and paperwork from the county.

Hopefully we’ll actually get some work done in October. That seems like a very long time to have nothing happening, especially since I know the winds of winter are just around the corner. The weather can be so unpredictable here in Colorado. We could have snow in September or none until late December. Who knows?

Meanwhile we continue to collect tires for our build. We have two pretty big stacks of them.

Dave stopped by to visit with our neighbor and he shared all sorts of horror stories about his experiences living up here in a camper during the winter and spring months. He stayed in his camper for four years while his house was being built. I pray ours doesn’t take that long. I’m pretty content in here now, but I might go a little stir crazy come January. Especially with the grandkids underfoot.

He told Dave that the wind was so bad during the spring, it moved his camper twenty feet. He also got locked in his camper once when the door iced over and he couldn’t get to his generator to charge his batteries and start his heater. He suggested we join a gym so we can take showers too. I’m not sure these stories are completely accurate. At any rate, we are starting to get a little nervous. A few nerves are okay, that way we’ll be prepared, not taken by surprise.

I came up with the idea to use the tires as a windbreak around the campers. My mom and dad are helping my son with his winterizing and will advise us as well. They’ve lived through many winters in campers and know what to do.

I may be a little naïve, okay so I am, but here’s where the adventure starts. I told Dave if we can’t hack it, we can always rent a house for a few months. I still want to try though. Must be the pioneer spirit living inside me. I’ll let you know if I can’t do it.

Last week we were invited to visit an earthship on the other end of our valley. This place was at the end of the earth (the opposite side of our end of the earth).

This guy was so excited to show us his earthship. He treated us like special guests and showed us everything. He bought the property after the earthship was started. It only had the tires and a hole dug out for the foundation. He said he thought it was a shelter for animals the first time he saw it. He’s been working on his home for seven years, its been lots and lots of work, but he’s almost done. I hope ours doesn’t take that long! Its close to 2500 square feet and all custom inside. The design is from the older models, which have the greenhouse and the house all together as one with no separation. Now they don’t build them that way, it’s too hard to regulate the temperature in the house.

I loved some of the things he had, glass block, round bathrooms, although I’d probably just have a shower built that way. He is a great guy and told us he looks forward to helping us as well. He warned us to be patient and cautious with the county. They have an awful lot of rules about an awful lot of things.

I’m asking God to go in front of us to clear any of those major obstacles that would compromise our design.

I’m thinking Dave and I need to take a trip to Taos to check it all out.

Dave got a call from the planning department. We have to have a deeded access easement through our neighbor’s property before we can get clearance. We can’t even get a building permit for a driveway without that. Oh my goodness! A building permit for a dirt and gravel driveway?

We will just have to continue to be patient and move forward, even at a snail’s pace.





Isaiah 40:31

But they who wait upon the Lord, will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.



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  1. kramnitsua says:

    Ok Cousin! You did not mention the solar and septic, but i am aware that those are going in and that the septic may be in already. I am following with great interest.. let me know when you are making a trip to this neck of the woods. love M

  2. Dwayne Reeder says:

    I love that you have added bible verses and I have enjoyed each one. 📖

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