I See You



Please allow me to give a little attention to my love. He is the reason we are able to live here and to build our dream home. Thank you with all of my heart Dave. I love you.


I See You


I see you working.

I see how tired you are from working 12 hour shifts for 5, sometimes 6 days in a row.

I see you getting up at 3 a.m. even though you only had a few hours sleep.

I see you trying to hold on, to keep working a menial job, that doesn’t challenge your intellect.

I see you rushing home from work to do thousands of little things that have to be done to survive here.

I see you missing most birthdays, concerts, festivals, reunions, grandkids’ games, concerts, and church because you work every weekend when everyone else has time off.

I see you taking your vacation time to build our home.

I see you trying to better yourself, for us…and me.

I see the pain in your eyes when I’m sick, or hurt.

I see you get frustrated that you don’t have the time, or energy, or money it takes to build such a difficult home.

I see you work on another new plan to get you and us to the next level.

I see you struggle with negative thoughts, anger and other emotions that come so easy because you are exhausted.

I see you being my biggest cheerleader, my confidant, my friend.

I see you holding me, even when you want to rail at whatever, or whomever made me cry.

I see you always believing we will be successful.

I see you never giving up, even when we both want to.

I see you loving me through it all.

I see you…..

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4 Responses to I See You

  1. Dwayne Reeder says:

    I see you have a love that goes beyond words, that is only felt in the heart. There is nothing more that you need. Your love for each other is all that God ever wanted for you. It’s the foundation of your relationship.

    Don’t forget that God is always with you. Always!

  2. vickieknob says:

    Thank you. That means a lot.

  3. Patty says:

    Thoughtful and poignant. I really appreciate your writing, Vickie!

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