Sail On

November 16, 2023

The journey of the earthship continues. We are removed from it physically, but not emotionally, or even spiritually.

We’ve had another setback. The solar couple have won another battle on the solar complex. Five years ago it was only 13 acres, now 30, doubling the size of the project.

I took a couple of days to feel defeated and even devastated, then I had what I can only describe as a switch move from dread to delight. I feel better, even excited now.

I felt as if I (we, Dave and I) were somehow responsible for this happening to the whole neighborhood.

Then I realized we didn’t do anything wrong. If they had such a problem with us building an earthship they could’ve come to talk to us face to face. This is the coward’s way. They could’ve asked what we were doing with the tires. Maybe even ask us to cover them so it didn’t offend them so much.

No, instead they called the county compliance department, saying we were dumping raw sewage on the ground. Also, they told them we were living in our camper without a valid building permit. None of that was true. There was more harassment, but that’s for another post.

We gave up living out there after we lost the last time. Nothing came of it last time, the project didn’t get built, but she was bound and determined to make us pay.

Our property has been neglected since we’ve moved to town, I admit that.

We have toyed with selling, but now that isn’t feasible, given the whole west boundary will be covered with solar panels.

If this goes through, I won’t ever be able to live out there because of the electromagnetic radiation possibility. I am very sensitive to changes in the atmosphere and electronic waves. We just don’t have enough data to make sure it’s safe.

So, now that I’ve worked through most of my negative feelings, I’m starting to contemplate the new possibilities.

We might not ever be able to live out there on the land, but we can still do some good with it.

We are looking into several options now. I will share more of those when we have more information.

The bottom line is, I refuse to let them steal my bliss. This place obviously wasn’t meant to be our forever home, and to achieve true peace.

I ask myself (and everyone around me) “What did I do wrong? Am I am bad person? Do I somehow deserve this?

The answer to all questions is no. I try to move through this world in peace, kindness and love. Do I mess up? Absolutely! But I try to make it better the next time.

I have also come to the conclusion that some people feel threatened by that. If you don’t want to live in a box, and work at the same job for forty plus years, you aren’t entitled to the same rights as they are.

I have nothing against those things, those are their choices. Those things are just not the way we wanted to live.

I know you must conform somewhat to society. We are, and have, and I try to let others live with their own choices.

Now I know these people have made their choice, and it will be on them, not us.

I don’t even hate them…I pity them. I’ve even prayed for them. Maybe I should continue.

Thank you all for sharing in our journey. It’s not over, just on hold for the next chapter.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes which is so appropriate for this.

“We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails.”

Peace, Kindness and Love,


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2 Responses to Sail On

  1. Tonjia says:

    this too shall pass…. you and I both know that people pour into our valley and then eventually they go back to wherever they came from. I like the idea of doing something else with the property. YOUR property, your dream. I am wondering what the EPA restrictions are for these solar farms. if it isnt safe for you to live there, it probably isnt safe for others. An attorney consultation might give a different perspective on this situation.

  2. Charlayne Higginson says:

    Well, this bitter pill is a big one, but not yet swallowed! I feel like the landowners are not good stewards of the land and are lacking in spirituality to be such. Once again greed and selfishness has taken the place of knowing kindness and love of others. This action on their part will come around to bite them in the arce.

    Vick, hold to your ethics and love for others and continue to pray. Love you ❣️

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