Merry Christmas from the Ship Builders


Merry Christmas

We’re faring well on the mountain. The winter has set in and we are learning how and when to get water, when to leave the heat on and when to let things ride. Actually we’re learning lots of things, mostly about how tough we are.

 This is a learning experience that’s for sure. Our son got a job in North Dakota so we’re taking care of his dog now. She has the run of his camper and I’m learning what to do and what not to with her. Just last week I let her out for her final potty before nighttime and she headed straight to the property next to ours. When I flashed the flashlight, I saw a set of eyes that didn’t belong to her. I heard the familiar cry of a coyote and a chill ran through me. Our neighbor told us that his female dogs ran with the coyotes sometimes and he had a hard time getting them to come home.  I called and called till I was hoarse, then I finally got her to come back. She was just curious to see what kind of dog that might be. Now she has to be on her leash when the darkness arrives. Last night they screamed and screamed at me to let her go. Luckily she was as scared as I was this time.

This same neighbor told us he joined a gym just for the shower when he was camping out and building his house. When he told us that, I thought I won’t need to do that. Well, since we sometimes have to ration water, I’m thinking that would be a great idea. Plus it wouldn’t kill me to get a little exercise in as well. Now if anyone has any tips I gladly listen and learn.

One sunny afternoon my dogs went crazy. When I opened the door, a strange SUV was coming up the drive. Out jumped a couple of ladies and come to find out, they are our closest neighbors to the west about 3/4 of a mile away. We chatted and found out we are both living in campers till we can finish building our houses. They have chickens and ducks and offered eggs. I offered some info about propane companies and we both promised to call if either needed anything. Even though I go to town almost everyday, it’s nice to know there’s someone close I can call on if I need to.

As I said, this is a learning process. We’ve weathered severe wind storms, rain leaking through windows, waking up with our bed soaking wet from ice melting off the roof and coming in. We’ve put our skirting on, plastic on the windows, turned up the heat and prayed for the best. Some nights I dread going to bed on our lumpy mattress, but God continues to bless. We have plenty of food, we can now pay our bills, Dave is working steady and I’m ready for Christmas.

December 27

We had Christmas with two of our little grandkids. They stayed with us two nights and three days. Sleeping on the hide-a-bed in the living room was great fun for them, a little crowded for us. The biggest challenge was finding a place for Santa to leave the presents. He somehow managed and the kids had a wonderful Christmas. I even made a ham dinner with potatoes, corn, rolls and cheesecake. Yes God is good.

I look forward to the New Year and I’ll catch you all up on the progress of the ship from last fall. Happy New Year. May God bless you all richly and may we all be grateful for everything we have

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  1. Geoffrey Paddock says:

    Bubblewrap on the windows will help insulate from the cold.. We did that on our cold bathroom window and it really helped. Hope it helps you too.. Keep warm!

  2. Dwayne Reeder says:

    I should call you my pioneering friends. It all sounds so wonderful, except for the cold. 🤧

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